Royal Mages

The Royal Mages perform the most important magical functions of each city, including working with The Order for securing defense, and also manage more everyday functions. The Royal Mages personally manage the cavern lights, the entry portal at the peak of each cavern and delegate other tasks such as creating water for the city.

Each city has a Hall of Royal Mages, usually attached to the City Lord’s Manor. Each Hall is led by a Lord Mage.

Ranks for the Royal Mages:
-Lord Mage
-8 High Mages (Personally chosen by the Lord Mage)
-6 Guardian Mages (Collectively chosen by the High Mages)

A Royal Mages guild may have as many Magi as it deems necessary.

Technically speaking, any member of the Royal Mages may command any normal mage in the city, though in practice this power is not generally used. Normal mages may be called upon to aid in city tasks like creating water, excavating for city use, or other mundane tasks. Mages generally earn a respectable living in most cities and their service to the city is expected (and required) although they are not paid for these functions. This will generally. however only constitute a few days of civic work each year. In the event of an emergency, however, it is likely that every mage in the city would be conscripted to work for the city. In such an emergency, any member of the Royal Mages may be placed in charge of any number of mages.

Royal Mages

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