The Rise of The Anointed

A year and a half (22 months) has passed since Tramyuul’s Heroes, as they have come to be known by their followers or Tramyuul’s renegades as they have come to be called by their enemies, have been declared outlaws. Opinions and rumor vary from heroes of godly proportion to paltry thieves and con men who happened to have stumbled upon great luck. Rumors also abound as to why they have become the most wanted people in the underground. The charges have been named as high treason, crimes against the state, and conspiracy to overthrow the government. Some say they assassinated someone very important but for the sake of appearances the state has covered up who. Others say they very nearly killed the High Lord of Elpidia. More often than not they have become a sort of common man’s hero. A dim light in dark times.

In that year and a half the underground has all but shattered.

The oddities and strange occurences which were largely more rumor than fact have become a reality of everyday life. The lights of Torwald never returned to full strength and have become unreliable, coming on at night or going out in the middle of the day. This problem seems to have spread to other cities, however it has come to be at the end of a long list of troubles. The entrance of creatures from outside has become more frequent and some wonder if the shield bestowed by Vanus is still present at all. Magic has become unreliable at best. Powerful magic has gained the ability to backfire on its user violently. Magic has become something done with great care and often with help to avoid negative, if not disastrous, consequences. For a society which relies almost solely on magic for survival this has become a time of darkness so dire that some have called it a return of the Wailing Times.
The problems of the underground have been compounded by the discovery of what has been dubbed “The Below”. A network of tunnels under the cities has been discovered. A variety of creatures, most dangerous, have been discovered in those tunnels, leading to nightly raids and the deaths of many traders, hunters and foragers. Trade between the cities has largely stopped, leading to further complications as some commodities become more and more scarce. As a result cities have largely closed themselves off, conscripting militia for watch duty and protection of the people.
Perhaps the most odd occurrence has been the discovery of “The Anointed”, individuals with strange and uncanny abilities never seen before. The name refers to a belief that these were gifts bestowed upon Seara by Vanus himself with his touch. Some still cling to this belief in spite of the fact that some vile creatures and evil people alike have also gained these abilities. Those who are Anointed tend to be people who were already very powerful, however the phenomena is not understood. Its origin or purpose is unknown. Scholars of the magical arts have at least determined that the power is neither divine nor arcane though they have made no progress on discovering what the power’s source is.

The crew of Embara Channon have dwindled as multiple members have left their former companions once the reality of life as fugitives became real. Only Mediel, Raam and Tyros remain, often joined by Tramyuul as they travel in an effort to further their cause while still avoiding capture.

To that end, Tramyuul’s Heroes have began collecting heroes of their own. While their own faces are too notorious to allow them to much good anywhere near society their notoriety has gained them the aid of a few very able people. All of these people have approached Embara Channon without the aid of those already aboard. This is the first trial. Anyone able to track down Embara Channon is already in a class of their own. Furthermore, all of these individuals have been Anointed. While none of the original crew of Embara Channon are Annointed themselves, they have already realized the incredible importance of these individuals. These people work with the crew of Embara Channon from afar while still sometimes taking work, advice and help from them at times.

This is truly a chaotic time for Seara. The fate of humanity and the rest of the underground may rest upon the outcome of this situation. May Vanus be with you.

The Rise of The Anointed

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