Curator of Looking Glass Sealis in Mechanus


Liatis is a truly ancient creature, millions of years old. He has grey skin and black eyes like other Xenotyr but his platinum hair is tightly braided and reaches to his knees. He usually wears a simple silk cloak.

Liatis lives in one of the Looking Glasses, named Saelis. It is located on Melia, a wheel adjacent to the Xerosalis, the wheel where Sil Xenos is located. He lives there with his two guards and companions Kaeris and Piorus as well as the machine Emik. Emik is a living machine of great power conceived and constructed by Liatis.

While somewhat eccentric, Liatis is kind and caring. He is immensely wise, even among the Xenotyr. His sometimes unorthodox attitude and actions seem to have garnered him a position away from Sil Xenos, however, it seems that a peaceful lifestyle where he is free to pursue his interests as he pleases is probably preferable to Liatis.


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