The Land of Seara

Every child of every race living in the underground caverns of Seara gets the same answer when they ask about why the world is the way it is.

The honest truth is…we don’t know.

Let us begin then with how the world is now.

What is left of the human population lives in massive underground caverns guarded by powerful magic. No one knows who constructed these caves or exactly what protects them, what we do know is that they are the only reason any good has survived on this planet. Each cave is completely underground with no opening to the outside, the only way in or out is by way of teleportation. Unknown magic blocks entry to all arcane users who would wish to get inside, only with the blessing of a sorcerer within the cavern may one gain access to it. In some places, the stone has been soft enough to be carved away and small cities have formed, in some places, camps of less than 100 humans have clung to life in the underground.

As to what made the world this way? We at least know who did it, even if we do not know exactly how. We do know that things were not always this way, there was a time when people were happy and lived prosperously on the surface. During the period known as the wailing times great war was waged on the civilization of man. Monstrous creatures seemingly carved of stone, with four huge legs and two large powerful arms resembling giant centaurs of stone came wave after wave from the ground, killing innocents and claiming everything as their own. A single creature could rend a man in two using its brute strength, but with the help of weapons and powerful magic, they were unstoppable. We know them only as the scourge.

The initial assault came from the scourge, but there was too much land to control for them alone. They employed all manner of evil creatures to aid them…using lesser creatures to control areas already decimated, and powerful ones like artillery. Scamps controlled the decimated cities in droves…and dragons attacked the castles where the last surface humans remained.

Though we know not how or precisely why, the scourge ensured their victory by destroying the surface of Seara. By some sort of magic, a spell was cast over all of Seara, scorching the landscape, causing it to be uninhabitable to its former rulers.

The wailing times affected mostly the empires of men, but anything that did not fight with the scourge was against it…and killed. Its not known how the battle was lost, or when. At some time people began using these caves, they are now our last remaining hope for survival.

When you leave the safety of this place to venture to the hell above us, you will be in constant battle with the enemies of good and the conditions they placed on Seara. You must take careful shelter at night or find another cavern like this one in which to take refuge. Few who go to the surface untrained return…we can only pray for your safety.

The Land of Seara

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