Temple of Vanus

The story is told that when the world was on the brink of destruction a man came forward to save what was left of it. He took those he could save to an underground world where they could live free of the destruction of the surface.

Vanus chose his eight most trusted companions and began The Order of the Flame to help save what they could and rebuild their world.

In the end, Vanus sacrificed himself to become a part of the very world in order to safeguard the new fledgling society.

The Temple of Vanus is the only well established religion in Seara. It is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Vanus and remember his actions. A Temple of Vanus can be found in every city in Seara.

Each Temple is headed by a High Priest who chooses 8 Paragons to serve under him or her. Those 8 Paragons choose 6 Guardians. The Temple may then have as many Priests (who are ranked below the Guardians) as they see fit to serve their functions.

Temple of Vanus

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