Order of the Flame

The Order of the Flame has its origins in the very beginnings of the underground. According to legend the original Order was the army with which Vanus established the underground, fighting to save those who remained on the surface and move them below. As they did so more and more members began to help those who were saved to establish colonies.

Now, the Order works as the police and military for the underground. Each city has its own Order Hall led by a Brigadier Dragoon. Any and all orders made by the City Lord are carried out by the Order.

The Order of the Flame has two branches: The Sword and The Balance. The Brigadier Dragoon commands over BOTH branches.

Rankings for both branches are as follows:

The Sword:
-Brigadier Dragoon
-8 Dragoons (Chosen by the B. Dragoon)
-6 Archons (Chosen collectively by the Dragoons)
(All ranks below Archon may have as many members as the B. Dragoon sees fit to perform the functions of The Sword)

The Balance:
-Brigadier Dragoon
-High Executor
-8 Executors (Chosen by the High Executor)
-6 Justices (Chosen collectively by the Executors)

The Balance is responsible for managing all of the court functions for each city. The Sword is responsible for enforcing law and defending the city.

Order of the Flame

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