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Welcome to the Seara Wiki!

This Wiki will become populated as you encounter more of the world around you. Feel free to write Wiki entries that deal with your character or parts of the world you know about!

Let me know if you think of something that should be added here! I know my world so things which are obvious to me might be confusing to you, let me know what they are!

The Land of Seara

The Rise of The Anointed

Day to Day living

Mechanics of the Underground

The Searite Calendar


City Lord

Order of the Flame

Temple of Vanus

Royal Mages


The Pantheon of Seara

The Legacies

The Xenotyr and Mechanus

The Xenotyr

The Xamach

The Xer Tal – The Xenotyr Calendar

The College of Gods – The Xenota


The Embara Channon

Main Page

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