Trouble in Torwald

Unusual events with much suspicious

After resting from their last battle with a Blue Dragon, the party returned to Tramyuul to see where their talents could be used next. He recommended they travel to Torwald to investigate the events going on there. People had been going missing, odd murders, crime shooting through the roof and strange affects to magic in Torwald and Ceet.

After buying a horse and carriage the group began the two day journey to Torwald. After a full day of travel they made camp off the side of the road, only to be attacked in the middle of the night. While the bandits were able to catch the group by surprise, dealing significant damage, the group stifled the attack quickly. The impressive equipment and wealth of the bandits was worrying to the group, but the rest of the night went by without incident.

Once the group arrived in Torwald they made their way to an extravagant inn named the Golden Eagle. After resting Medeil and Machera were able to speak with the Brigadier Dragoon of Torwald, Katrick Lowe. While they waited for him Machera was able to read a part of a strange document, written in many languages, which seemed to refer to an ancient powerful artifact, which may have something to do with Vanus. Lowe explained that things began to get strange within the last few months, beginning with the disappearance of 4 priestesses and the murder of one. The priestess who was murdered drowned while in the Temple, an occurence which seems impossible. Since then there have been many strange disappearances and murders. The amount of crime has increased hugely, causing significant turmoil among the various gangs. He suggested that the group attempt to infiltrate or question one of the smaller or newer gangs. The large, established gangs such as the Red Dragon’s Blood or The Shield, would likely be too powerful to be infiltrated easily. Finally, the lights in the caverns have began to act strangely, as well as other magic becoming unpredictable. After speaking with one of the powerful mages at the Order, Machera was able to learn that some powerful magical disturbance has been creating a huge impact on the magical field in the area. While he did not have a precise location of the disturbance, they had been able to track it down to originating from somewhere in the tunnel between Ceet and Torwald.

Caelsar and Raam were able to sell the items the group took from the bandits who attacked them and then did some investigating about the disappearances in the town. Most people seemed to know little about them and were certainly not eager to discuss it. They did learn that the last man to go missing was a Merchant named Trool, who owns a store named Majora in the Market District.

Medeil spoke with the High Priest at the Temple of Vanus, Loma. The man relayed that a group of bandits had been threatening the temple in the weeks before and since the disappearance of the priestesses. He believed the priestesses were kidnapped and taken to the lair of these bandits, located just outside Torwald. Medeil perceived that the Priest was very nervous and lying about some of the things he was saying. The man seemed overly relieved to see Medeil go.

The group returned to the Inn to decide their next move.



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