Time passes...

The members of Embara Channon are forced into a life of hiding.

The forces of evil were far more advanced than anyone anticipated. Someone or something was so prepared to stop Tramyuul, Medeil, Raam and Tyros that they never saw the betrayal coming. Evil had infiltrated high enough that somehow the order came down to arrest or kill the weary group at all costs. They were successful.
After recovering Metasis and returning it to the Royal Mages, destroying a shrine to Asmodius and cleansing Metasis of at least some of the evil which it contained the heroes traveled to the capital city of Elpidia. Upon arrival they were immediately arrested. It quickly became clear that fairness and justice were out of the question for the group and it seemed that the hangman’s noose was the only legal exit to their situation. Escape became the only option.
The escape did not go without problem but it was successful, however upon arrival at the Embara Channon the group encountered a band of Royal Mages and Order soldiers. The group had no choice but to defeat them and flee.
The depth and breadth of the problem was much graver than the group understood at the time. They found themselves unwelcome anywhere in the underground. Security began to escalate. Fear and rumor fueled the state to clench down on the underground like a fist. Escaping to the surface became impossible, even by Portal Mages sympathetic to the group. Even friends to the group shunned them for fear of reprisal. The group found themselves wandering from tunnel to tunnel, taking great care to hide the easily recognizable Embara Channon.
During this time the group began to deal with internal strife. While their tenacity and perseverance have inspired the crew of the Embara to pledge an unfailing allegiance to the group; other members have been unable to cope with the situation. Caelsar Kenyrdlues was the first to leave, quietly and in the night without a word to anyone. Machera was the next to go, an action which, given his obvious growing disdain for the group and their situation, was not unexpected by anyone. The gnomish mage, to everyone’s surprise, simply packed up and walked off of the ship in the middle of the day, announcing that she was leaving as though she were walking to the store to get provisions.
Traamyuul has been traveling with the group for a number of weeks now. Blending in as a 7 foot tall Kolyaruut Inevitable bound to rather distinct black armor with gold trim is more or less out of the question. While Traamyuul does have the luxury of being able to simply stand in one place without eating breathing or moving at all for the rest of eternity, sitting on one’s laurels is not natural for the ancient creature and he has found this to be the most helpful place he can be.
The crew of Embara Channon was nothing less than shocked when the first of the Anointed found them. However, the value of these individuals was wildly evident. Even though they were young, inexperienced and lacking in power, their potential was clear. The crew began to believe that these people would be the future of Seara, for better or for worse.



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