The foot of the mountain

A menace falls but a new menace is revealed

The 4 heroes took on the wraith which had defeated them before and while the malevolent spirit was no less potent, the four were able to soundly defeat it with all haste. However, upon defeating the spirit the heroes were confronted with something unexpected. A small black crystal remained where the wraith stood moments before.

The heroes then took the crystal to Morinus Mage’s Library to discover what they could about the crystal. They found that powerful magic could create physical manifestations of arcane power and that what is often called “Old Magic” can produce these results. Scrying with a focus on the crystal revealed faint voices within, particularly that of a woman who said, “…pledge…blade…you, we…anything. Yes, my light.” The four were later able to discover that “My Light” was a common method of referring to Vanus. They were then able to discover that when these crystals are created, more facets indicate more powerful magic and that anything above 8 facets indicates quite powerful magic…this crystal had 40. They found that flaws, like those found in this particular crystal, indicate a corruption or weakening of that magic, such as a weak mage using an epic staff or wand. Finally, the four were able to find that the Legacies almost always left crystals when used, often with more than 20 faces and occasionally left huge stones with 100 or more facets. In particular, the blade Exaction owned by the ancient Patron of Morinus, Leania, was said to leave pale black stones growing on the wounds wherever one was cut. These crystals would consume the body of those cut by Exaction resulting in a guaranteed death if one was cut by Leania’s blade.

Upon making this discovery the group returned to the Embara Channon, secure in their finding that the crystal which they uncovered was somehow created from the power of Exaction. Mediel took this information to Tramyuul who, much to the group’s surprise, had been aboard the ship for some time. Tramyuul suggested taking the crystal, as well as the Spear Metasis, to Kalyik, an old compatriot of Tramyuul. The general method of surviving the effects of the surface, using armor and clothing made from Frosteyre, was precluded to the four as the substance is overwhelmingly expensive. Tramyuul suggests speaking with Lord Mage Graaz in Torwald to see if he knows of any other ways to allow the four to survive the surface long enough to reach Kalyik.

Graaz suggests that a particular stone, called a Tear of Arcana or Tear of Vanus, could be used to turn the enemy’s strategy against them. They could use these Tears to use some of the power of the helm Protector. After seeking information nearby the group was able to find that a local gang, The Blue Vipers, had been collecting these stones and likely had a few on hand. After raiding their local gang house and defeating a fearsome dwarf known only as Sundering Axe, the group as able to recover 5 Tears of Arcana. Lord Mage Graaz was able to use the stones and the Fearo’s helm to produce a number of peculiar necklaces. When donned, the necklace wove a fine black cloak that formed a protective barrier around the hero. The four were finally ready to go to the surface.



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