The Return

For more than a year the group has been on the run. Unable to help the world around them as the situation grew more dire by the day.

Until they found the Annointed.

With the help of 3 new members, Xarchos, Hunter and Serik, the crew of the Embara Channon was able to begin doing work for the underground for the first time in 15 months. Challenged by Medeil to choose a mission of their own, the three decided it would be best to aid the cities of Maso and Morinus.

Upon arriving in Maso, they were not greeted with anything even resembling hospitality. They learned that the city is indeed in dire straits and that most visitors to the city are usually there for less than altruistic reasons. Reluctantly, the town’s Brigadier Dragoon was able to secure for them a few horses with which to secure the passage from Maso to Morinus. He told them of a place, near Morinus, which had been the site of two prior caravan attacks.

After trekking for nearly two weeks the group was able to locate a tunnel leading off the primary shaft in roughly the place where Dragoon Tameeno had described. They found inside a number of creatures, unnatural to be sure and certainly malevolent. At the head of this group was something for which the group was entirely unprepared. A Wraith in full strength.

The Wraith quickly took its fury out upon the group, crippling the summoner Searik within seconds. After a few moments more it became clear that the wraith simply outclassed the group. They had almost no means of harming the wraith, while the wraith certainly had the means of ending all their lives without much difficulty. With some clever thinking, Searik and Xarchos were able to seal off the wraith’s path with the use of some luck, skill and sheer power. The strategy was enough to allow them to escape the wraith’s grasp, for now.

The group rode with all haste toward Morinus where they hope to warn the city of what threatens them…and perhaps to find the means with which to aid them.



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