Return to the Wraith

The time has come to prove that a wraith cannot stand in the path of the good.

After meeting in Morinus and ensuring that they were well prepared to take the fight back to the wraith which had defeated them before, the group set out. After travelling for two days the group camped one extra night to ensure they entered the cave during daylight. This would ensure that the wraith would be inside the cave and not wandering about the primary cavern, nor could it escape.

The group found the cave and approached around noon. They closed in on the cave but heard sounds within. After some tense moments the group discovered that a trio of gang members were posted inside. The group convinced the three men to come out willingly and convinced them, while thoroughly terrifying the men, to divulge any information they had. They revealed that a trap had been set inside the cavern and with their help, Searik was able to disable the trap without too much trouble. They left two of the men unconscious, suspended from ropes in two trees outside the cavern. The third man they left lying unconscious within.

As they proceeded further in the group began seeing evidence of spiders, however, the giant spiders used their ability to feel vibrations in their webs to get the better of Searik. Although the spiders were aided by a giant scorpion and began with the upper hand, they were soundly defeated by the 4 heroes.

The heroes find themselves that much closer to the wraith. Little stands between them and the dark soul which defeated them before.



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