The gears start turning and the world grinds to a halt

Tuesday, 19th of Keadas, 466 AV

After a few days of rest as the group waited for their skiff to be completed and the Royal Mages to complete their tasks, the heroes became quickly bored. Using the dueling stone and a bottle of Dragons Fire, they made a contest of seeing who could drink the most of the foul liquid before passing out. While some were able to drink more than others, it quickly became apparent that this game had no real winners…bragging rights still went to Tyros the Dwarf.

On the morning of the 17th all of the contracted projects had been completed and the group set out to tackle their next problem. They began by traveling to the Royal Mages, who presented them with a small gold sphere inscribed with an eye and a point. The mage explained that while the compass could show them towards the source of the magical disturbance, its reliability was questionable at best. However, with it as their best lead, they happily accepted it and moved on.

They next went to Tiin to pick up the skiff she was building for them. Upon arriving at her workshop they discovered something astonishing. Instead of the 60 foot skiff they had paid for a 90 foot behemoth capable of incredibly long journeys and high speeds awaited them.

A half days journey in Embara reveals the compasses weakness, however, using that to their advantage the group is able to make a rough estimate of the location of the disturbance. With a bit of luck, they find an out of place and suspicious cave in the tunnel wall. The cave leads to a large open room and investigation reveals something gruesome and disturbing. Eight men, nude, twisted into grotesque and unnatural positions. In the center, an altar with a spear at its center. The power of the artifact quickly becomes apparent. It becomes insulted at their presence and before the group has time to flee, the world around them changes.

A desperate struggle begins. Each time the group defeats an opponent another appears, culminating in a battle with an Ettin and an Ogre. However, when the dust settles, they are returned to the room they were in, the strange power of the spear subdued, and they are able to take the spear back to their ship.

However, a study of the item reveals that it seems to be one of the Legacies. A spear named Metasis which once belonged to the Paragon Taravel. Furthermore, taking the Legacy back to the ship reveals another problem, the magic of the ship reacts to the power of the spear. Although the journey back to Torwald begins without incident, soon they are in the throes of a magical storm, pushing ship and crew to their limits.

Returning to Torwald reveals a further problem. Although they arrive in the city at mid morning, the lights have yet to come on. Medeil, Tyros and Mach all race to the Order to tell Dragoon Lowe of what has happened. His shock is palpable. After racing across the city, Lowe retrieves every single Royal Mage from the Lords Mansion. A procession of 14 Mages, led by an ancient Elf named Graaz emerges. After another hurried journey back to the Embara,Lord Mage Graaz asks to see the artifact. After a few moments, Graaz reveals that he is sure that the spear which they have retrieved is in fact Metasis, however, something terrible and incredible has been done to it. He tells them that a war rages inside of it and while that terrible power has been subdued for a moment it is gaining strength as they speak. He promises to keep the group informed but urges them not to leave Torwald, refrain from using magic, and keep the artifact an absolute secret. In return for their help with this, he offers them a token from the Royal Mages coffers, 18 pounds of pure platinum.

Left literally in the dark, Lowe and the Mages retreat from the group. Although successful, they are left powerless to wonder what will happen next.



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