Cleaning Morinus

Morinus is in a particular bind, one which only the pair can address

Upon arrival into Morinus the group immediately begin to look for someone…anyone…who could help. However they did not get more than a couple blocks into the town before Xarchos stopped the group.

Xarchos began to explain to the other two adventurers that what he had seen, enough to break most men, had shaken him to the core and he could continue no further.

The two other members wearily continued to the Order office where they spoke with the Brig. Dragoon. He told them of a peculiar situation where the local Red Dragon’s Blood gang had become powerful enough to openly establish a headquarters in a house in the town. The gang had, however, taken the initiative to ensure that their legal security was ensured. Given the desperate nature of the town’s security, the Brig. Dragoon was willing to take drastic steps to eliminate the threat. He presented the two men with a fire bomb ensured to rid the town of the house permanently…

Despite being well guarded and housed by many members of the Red Dragon’s Blood the pair managed to ransack the house, retrieve many items stolen from the Order including a magically endowed ax. After defeating the house master, a particularly brutish man using an enormous sword, they planted the firebomb and quickly made off with the rest of the goods they could find.

Without fail, the firebomb exploded with tremendous force. Almost completely eliminating the first floor of the house and causing the remainder of the house to fall in upon itself in a ball of flame. Of course, help arrived to put out the fire fairly quickly although their primary focus seemed to be ensuring that the fire did not spread…

In return for bringing back a very valuable supply of Order arms and Armor the Brig. Dragoon allowed the pair to keep the axe as well as endowing Searik’s teeth with runes giving them extraordinary strength and sharpness.

With their new abilities the pair is poised to be able to take the fight back to the wraith which defeated them before.



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