A Menace Arises

The truth surfaces and with it a dire threat

Tuesday, 12th of Keadas, 466 AV
Our heroes began by moving against a known target, a group of bandits holed up outside of Torwald. As they did they ran into a new face, a cleric from Ceet who was sent by Tramyuul. Yna departed ways and the group continued towards their target. After a long search they were finally able to discover the cave they were looking for, and the hunt began.

The stealthy rogue began by scouting the area and after relaying that important information to the group he began sniping at the people in the cave. The battle was quite one sided as the group easily tore its way through the small group of bandits. However, the aftermath revealed a critical oversight, they had killed their only way of learning of the whereabouts of the kidnapped priestesses.

The group returned to Torwald, much richer for their trouble, and made their peace with the High Priest. It was not until that night that the same High Priest, Loma, revealed that he had sent them on a fool’s errand in an effort to keep his priestesses safe. He revealed the priestesses were hidden in the catacombs below the temple. Further investigation revealed that months ago, the priestesses had resurrected a powerful psion named Manius. One of the priestesses confessed that she had found more information about him. She had discovered that he had become drunk by his own power and obsessed with the idea of returning to the surface. The group learned that Manius was put down by the church, sealed away in a hidden chamber in the catacombs and never spoken of again. Just before his death, Manius had started a shrine to the god Asmodius, the evil Lord of Lords.

After further searching they were able to find the location of the shrine, a rough distance to the disturbance in the magical field, and a new boon from Tramyuul. He had arranged for a Skiff to be built for the group. With that, they rested and began their preparations.



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