A dragon in the Midst

First Session

Three former members of a long since disbanded squad were able to meet after nearly 6 years of being apart. Each one was contacted by messengers and each made their way to the city of Ceet, the northernmost cavern in the underground network. Unfortunately, two of their members were not able to join them.

Soon enough, they met Tramyuul, the Brigadier Dragoon of the Order of the Flame for Ceet. He told them that he had meet their other members not more than a week ago. Those two men had told Tramyuul of nothing less than a small Blue Dragon living inside the cavern of Ceet. Tramyuul reminded everyone that no such creature should be able to get into the cavern. Each cavern is sealed to prohibit teleportation from the surface except from the use of a Portal in each city (each of which is carefully guarded). The group decided to help Tramyuul and investigate this cavern, in hopes of finding their lost comrades.

Tramyuul warned them that their efforts would go unpaid by him, however he offered them aid when he could give it. The first aid he offered came in the form of two companions, a samurai and a construct.

As the group grew to five they tackled the cavern where the Dragon was said to reside. After fighting their way through vermin, traps and mazes they finally encountered the Dragon. The fight was long and difficult and at times grim but ultimately the group prevailed.

They were able to raid this small dragon’s already sizeable horde, however, they found no trace of their comrades…other than the best of their items among the Dragon’s possesions.

Weary and battle drained, they returned to Ceet.



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