A Broken Sky

The heroes reach the surface at last

After a few last words of wisdom from Tramyuul the four heroes were taken to the teleport chamber at the top of the cavern of Canus. Only moments later they found themselves in the ruins of an ancient city which must have once been a vast metropolis. The crumbled foundations and broken stone were now inhabited by denizens of the planes of hell and demons and devils now walked every street in the city. Above the four the sky glowed faintly of dark red and far in the distance a firestorm raged, throwing up an enormous black cloud of smoke and ash and explosions raged within, casting a red glow within the ominous cloud. A slow rain of ash gently fell.

The four soon discovered an issue which they had never had to face before. They had to travel due north to a nearby town but in the underground, compass orientation is completely meaningless. Luckily the group was able to use some basic geographical knowledge to discover which way was north in spite of not having a compass.

The group slowly and quietly made their way north to the city gate and noticing that it was patrolled, went around to scale the city wall a few yards away from the gate. Unfortunately, a pair of Kytons on the other side of the wall still stood in their path. The group attempted to use a distraction to lure them off but the pair of Kytons denied their desires to go investigate and stood their ground. The group was able to defeat the two Kytons without much trouble but soon after defeating them reinforcements arrived…in numbers which were undoubtedly overwhelming for the group.

Luckily, at this time a group of hooded individuals, all armed with bows began to rain death upon the four Kytons, dispatching them all within seconds. After a few tense seconds of standoff, the group agreed to travel with the hooded men and quickly left the city behind.

The four heroes soon learned that this group of archers were a part of a group known as The Guild. The leader revealed that their group was a democracy and while he wished to help them out of a sense of duty and perhaps pity, he could not help them unless there was a majority of Elders who agreed with him. Luckily the group was able to convince the elders to aid them and they spent the night with the Guild, prepared to travel with their aid the next day.

The Guild led the group to the entrance of an underground cavern, which would offer them shelter and safety while cutting a day off of their journey due to easy terrain. During their journey down the cavern they were ableto sstumble upon the burial ground of some sort of demon noble or prince. From the tomb they were able to take a fine Elysian Bronze sword and a pair of huge rubies which were set as the demon’s eyes.

The heroes emerged from the other side, only a few days away from the base of the Oros Savras andthe next part of their journey.



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